Hey Joe

heyJoeJimi doesn’t know his father, Joe; the least he can do is go to Vietnam and try to find him. With the aid of Joe’s half-written novel, an uncanny sense of direction and more than a dash of luck Jimi sets off on a search for his father . . . and himself.

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With the resonance of Jimi Hendrix in the title and his songs heading each chapter, Hey Joe is a book which captures the period of the Vietnam War easily. Download full review.
Christopher Bantick, Sunday Tasmanian

As Hyde himself comments, he has more than one book in his head after the ten years of this research and I hope that he dips into it again to produce something as engaging as Hey Joe. Download full review.
Ernie Tucker, English in Australia

This is a healing work. Download full review. 
Russell Darnley

Hey Joe is essential reading for those unaware of what the ‘60s really were like. Download full review
Ian Hills, Melbourne High School

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Now the spark for this Young Adult novel is neither so clear nor straightforward. I had come across many young men and women who did not have their dads in their lives, for all kinds of reasons. I wanted to explore this topic by having a young bloke searching for his dad who had not been a very attentive father when he was growing up. I was also keen to write a novel about Vietnam after the war. I had spent many years of my life trying to stop the war and had occasionally kept a journal. I discussed this with Gabrielle and a writing mentor, Jenny Pausacker. Both of them said, when confronted by my dilemma, ‘sounds like one book, not two’. So began a young man’s search for his father in Vietnam while using his father’s old journals as clues. Of course I travelled all over Vietnam to get the feel of the story right, as well as collect some extra material for the novel.

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